Architectural Design Services

I work with teams, developers, and contractors to ensure quality construction on challenging projects.

I reciprocate the labor others do as a sign of respect to them and to the work itself.

I hope to be of your service to you, and I thank you kindly for contacting me. 

  • Healthy Heights

    Healthy Heights

    These work was developed for the renovation of commercial space to better serve a new medical office. All building systems were catalogued to document how the new systems may need to be laid out. Final design was taken from the client’s objectives.

  • Transforming the Bridge Design Competition

    Transforming the Bridge Design Competition

    Many thanks to Daedalus Workshop and James Gdovin who did this work, and towards which I was honored to collaborated with my input below.

  • Modern Addition

    Modern Addition

    Work created by 2RA for Fairfield Contractors LLC. Collaboration done with ModSquad for Site Development. I created all of the below output.

  • Apartment Development

    Apartment Development

    Many thanks to Scott Davis, structural engineer, who did this design work, and with whom I was honored to collaborate by doing all the drafting work towards the output below.


Worked with project, team, developers, and contractors to ensure quality construction on challenging projects. Produce complete construction sets for bidding and construction purposes. Construction administration. I work independently on projects below 5000 sq.ft. in CT.

Historic Preservation

Federal, State and City landmarks regulations and law. World Heritage within the context of memory, tourism, media, and identity. Detailing and creation of construction documents for repair and maintenance.


Certificate of English Proficiency – University of Michigan

Bachelors in Architecture – Albert Dorman Honors College – New Jersey Institute of Technology. Commencement Day School Gonfalon Carrier

Master Degree in Historic Preservation – Pratt Institute