Healthy Heights

These work was developed for the renovation of commercial space to better serve a new medical office. All building systems were catalogued to document how the new systems may need to be laid out. Final design was taken from the client’s objectives.

2 thoughts on “Healthy Heights”

  1. I am very pleased with the outcome. He transformed my space from a commercial kitchen to a clinic. He was patient, helpful and understood the requirements for my project. He educated me while still executing my vision. I have received many compliments from the other businesses and clients. I plan on using this company for a landscaping project next year. I really enjoyed working with him and am glad he was able to help me with establishing my clinic.

  2. This was a great experience. Rodrigo helped me bring my project to life. Thanks to him I have a great clinic. People are impressed with the transformation from commercial kitchen to clinic. Ty

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